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Head Brewer/Distiller

Head Brewer/Distiller


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Ska Street Board of Directors


About Us

It takes characters to brew beer with character, and we at Ska Brewing Co. have been doing that since 1995, and then crafting spirits with character at Peach Street Distillers since 2005.  Our award-winning craft brewing roots are firmly planted in Durango and Palisade, Colorado, where we work hard and play harder.  Our community-minded organization does all it can to give back to the towns we love and call home.

And now- We are going to work hard and play harder in Boulder, CO at our new Brewstillery, Ska Street.


About the Job

In this Leadership/Production position, you will have direct, hands-on responsibility for producing high-quality Ska Brewing beer and Peach Street distilled spirits in a vibrant, exciting, and rewarding environment. You will have the opportunity to be independently self-directed in many of your assignments. Your dynamic and outgoing personality is essential to the success of this position- In addition to developing and producing award-winning beers and spirits, you will have the opportunity to show off your hospitality, teaching, and collaborative talents. Interacting with customers and industry personnel; teaching brewing and distilling techniques; working independently and with the larger Ska Brewing and Peach Street teams - You will be the face of Ska Street Brewstillery.




o   All aspects of brewing and distilling operations

·       Sustain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment and work areas at all times

·       Knowledgeable in safe brewing practices

·       Milling, mashing, lautering, and wort boiling

·       Distillation and barrel aging

·       Safe and efficient transfer of wort to fermentation vessels

·       Routine troubleshooting and maintenance

·       Monitor and record processes

·       Collection, process, and evaluation of sterile samples

o   Ideation, formulation, and recipe development

o   Maintain a safe and compliant work environment

o   Oversee materials budgeting, ordering, and inventory management

o   Knowledgeable compliance of Safety and QA/QC

o   Following all operational procedures set forth by Ska Brewing Company, Peach Street Distillers, Ska Street, and its subsidiaries

o   Any and all extra duties as assigned




o   A focus on Safety is your number one Priority. A focus on Quality as your most important Goal.

o   Ability to work both within a team and as an individual to execute Mission, Vision, and Goals

o   Support of Front of House operations

o   Solid communication skills both written and orally

o   Proficiency in software necessary to the success of this position – particularly EKOS, Stillhouse, QuickBooks, and Lavu

o   Contribute to overall team effort by accomplishing results as necessary in an evolving business environment



Experience, Qualifications, and skills

o   Must be at least 21 years of age

o   A minimum of 2 years of professional experience brewing on a commercial system (Experience or working knowledge of small scale distillation is a big plus!)

o   Formal brewery and/or distillery training and/or certification with strong mechanical ability is required

o   Possess competent laboratory techniques and analysis

o   Knowledgeable about operations and maintenance of draft systems

o   Organized, detail-oriented, and attentive to quality standards

o   Self-directed and work effectively independently and with teams

o   Flexible, accommodating, confident, team-oriented and self-reliant

o   Must be willing and able to work morning, midday, evening, overnight and/or weekend shifts – You are expected to brew and/or distill during weekend peak restaurant hours for maximum exposure and elevated customer experience.

o   Must be able to endure long hours on feet

o   Must work well in wet conditions and hot or cold environments

o   Must work safely in a fast-paced beverage manufacturing setting

o   Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in confined spaces

o   Able to lift 55 lbs. and move at least 165 lbs., and work in extreme hot and cold environments

o   Excellent time management, prioritization, and task scheduling skills



Ska Street Brewstillery offers a competitive compensation and benefits package, rewarding work environment and growth for committed team members.  


·       Prior to your start date, we require successful completion, as determined in our sole discretion, of a pre-employment criminal background check.